Chapter News

Congratulations to the newest CFEs in the Charlotte area!

Reflects records reported by ACFE as of 04/12/2018.  Click here for the Class of 2017.


Class of 2018

Amber Lia Bentley, CFE, CFCI, CFI

Bryce Taylor, CFE

Charles Rex Hawley, MBA, CFE

Clay Carroll, CFE

Crystal Turner, CFE

Georgina Ayenu, CFE, CISA

Guadalupe Reyes, CFE

James Donald Starrett, CFE

Jewel A Strong, CFE

Jil Louise York, CFE, FLMI

John J. Keane, CFE, CMA

Laurene Schwartz, CFE

Michele Kunnas, CFE

Nikki S. Bennett, CFE

Ryan Dennison Robinson, CFE

Ryant Levon Cain, MBA, CFE

Tamar Conyers, CFE

Tristen Knepp, CFE, CPA

Valerie Pounds, CFE

Wilden Daniel Sánchez Diaz, CFE